More cash for pothole repairs

Good news yesterday when the government announced the latest payment of the £250 million pounds fund spread over five years it has set aside to repair potholes. Bury is set to receive an additional £105,000 enough the government calculate to fill around 2,000 more potholes. This should be on top of the Council’s usual road maintenance budget so hopefully it will mean better roads for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

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4 thoughts on “More cash for pothole repairs

  1. Hi David

    I’m confused, in what way is providing 0.43% of the funding that local councils say they need to do the job properly ‘good news’ ? Unless of course the alternative is 0%. There also seems to be another unfair disproportion of the allocation of this further funding, as highlighted in this Sky News article here…

    You also say that this is on top of the councils usual road maintenance budget, is that the same local government budget that has been repeatedly cut under your government, and the previous coalition government? May I please ask why Conservative councils, especially in the South of England are allocated much more funding from Westminster, than those councils in the North of the Country? Also what are you able to do personally to ensure Bury gets a fair and equal deal, not just on matters of highway maintenance, but on council funding as a whole?

    Kind Regards

    1. Tom,
      I am surprised you did not know that the government has announced that by the end of this Parliament local councils will keep their own business rates and council tax and therefore be responsible for their own income and expenditure. Will be very interesting to see who Councils start to blame then!

      1. Maybe I’m reading this wrong but the richest councils with the wealthiest constituents and most exclusive areas and ability to charge most will obviously raise the most and the poorest areas will be left to try and fend for themselves?.

        Bury council has had cuts way above the leafy suburb of David Cameron for example?

  2. Ahh dream on. We still have ‘potholes’ (small trenches) and gulleys that haven’t been filled or in some cases cleared in ages. As I’ve said before Mr N the next time you go to Fairfield Hospital turn left up to the Church Inn (it’s been there for centuries) at the sign t the top of the hill turn LEFT. Meet some of your constituents as they walk/ride enjoy the country side BUT I’f you stay in your car slow down to 10 miles an hour. You are on an ‘ancient highway’ adopted/mutch used but the stone, centuries old gulleys haven’t been cleared in 30 years SO flooding is inevitable. Enjoy

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