Bury Flood Relief Scheme

More details are now available on the specific help being made available to those affected by the recent floods.
Residents whose houses have been flooded will receive a payment of £500.
Those residents who have had to leave their homes because of the floods will not have to pay Council tax until they return for up to 12 months. Businesses who have been floods out of their premises will not have to pay business rates for up to 12 months until they re-open.
Full details are available here


Bellwin Scheme

The government have confirmed that they have implemented the Bellwin Scheme to cover the local authorities affected by the recent floods and this includes Bury. (The scheme takes its name from a former Minister in the Department of the Environment Lord Bellwin who first introduced such a scheme in 1983).

The Scheme means that local Councils will be reimbursed for costs incurred on, or in connection with, their immediate actions to safeguard  life and property or to prevent suffering or severe inconvenience as a result of a disaster or emergency.

The government is also providing additional funds so Councils can give council tax and business rates relief to those affected. This will enable the Council to give up to 100% council tax discount to those unable to occupy their homes as a result of the flooding. It will also provide for up to 100% business rate relief for those businesses affected by the flooding.

Flood Defence Spending

In light of all the claims that the government has cut spending on flood defences I have checked what the latest figures are from the Autumn Statement. These show that there is a capital investment programme of £2.3 billion over the next six years which will increase protection for over 300,000 homes.
This is more than the £1.7 billion spent in the last Parliament which in turn was more than the £1.5 billion spent in the 2005-10 Parliament.

Flood Relief Operations

Having seen for myself the community led clean up operation in Ramsbottom I know all those affected will want to join me in saying a big thank you to everyone involved. Volunteers have helped in a variety of ways. Donating cleaning products,  cleaning equipment, furniture, skips, wheelbarrows, etc, etc. Helping with removal of damaged items.

A fund has been set up so anyone who wishes to donate financially can do so at



For many people in Bury, and across the North of England, Boxing Day this year will only be remembered for one thing – the devastating floods which have resulted in misery for thousands.

I particularly want to thank all those, whether working for the local authority or the emergency services, who have done all they can to ease a terrible situation. Inevitably people will look to blame the Council or the Government but on a day when every river in Lancashire rose to record levels it is difficult to conceive of any measures that would have prevented all the flood damage that has occurred.

St. Stephen’s Day

For many people the day after Christmas Day is dominated by sport. It certainly will be this year as it falls on a Saturday anyway which is generally considered to be the main sporting day of the week. There is a full football fixture list. An extensive programme of horse racing and even cricket will be in the headlines as England begin the First Test on their winter tour in South Africa. Closer to home there will be the annual Boxing Day game between Tottington St. John’s Cricket Club and Brooksbottom which this year will be played at Crompton Meadows, off Beryl Avenue in Tottington. St. John’s will be opening their newly extended clubhouse.

Christmas Day

A happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas to all visitors to my little blog.

The Christmas Eve service at St. Anne’s in Tottington was very well attended last night, as it usually is, with both upstairs and downstairs seating full. Whether you will be attending church or not today and indeed whether you believe Christmas marks the celebration of the birth of Christ or not I hope all readers have the chance to relax and enjoy whatever it is they enjoy over the Christmas period. Let us always be thankful for our many blessings.