House of Lords Reform

Great news that the House of Lords Reform Bill appears to be dead in the water. I can well understand why most people will be left wondering how a Bill which passed at Second Reading by hundreds of votes, far more than most Bills, should fail to make progress. The reason is time, without agreement to limit debate on future stages it would have taken months of Parliamentary time to get the Bill through the Commons and of course it would still have faced almost certain defeat in the Lords. It would then have had to be brought back in again next session with the same process – more months of debate, and no guarantee of success. The Government simply did not want to waste that amount of  Parliamentary time on an issue which is regarded as absolutely irrelevant by the vast majority of the British people and I quite agree.

As for the Liberal Democrat threat to vote against the new boundary changes, so be it. I think it just demonstrates the problems with coalition government, something we would probably have permanently if the Liberal Democrats had their way and we introduced proportional representation.

London 2012

Well I don’t know about you but I love watching the coverage of the Olympics. One great advantage of them being in the UK is that whereas in the past when the Olympics have been held in a different time zone most of the action takes place when I am ( or ought ) to be asleep now it is all day and at peak time.

I never forget the dedication the Olympic athletes must make whilst there may be some exceptions the vast majority have only got where there are by sheer hard work, guts and determination. I admire them all and the success achieved by the British team is, I hope, appropriate reward for them.