EU Budget

At a time when everyone in the UK is dealing with budget cuts ( and incidentally they have hardly begun just look at the borrowing figures) it is difficult to believe that over in Brussels the Eurocrats think their budget should increase next year by 6.8% if they had their way.

What absolute nonsense. Unfortunately the UK has no veto and having ‘a say’ is frankly irrelevant. Recipient nations and of course there are a lot more of them than there are contributor nations have become addicted to EU cash and are hardly likely to agree to cutting the budget. They know full well that whatever is agreed the UK will pay up. It is outrageous and the sooner the British People are given the opportunity to put an end to this scandal and get us out of the European Union the better.

Bill Johnson MBE

I have returned on the first train from London today in order that I can attend the funeral of the late Bill Jonson. a Councillor for over forty years, twice the Mayor, awarded the MBE and awarded the honour of being made a Freeman of the Borough; it was not for nothing he was known locally as ‘Mr Tottington’. Bill’s service to the people of Tottington and Bury was always conducted with dignity and humility. He was a committed Christian and he will be greatly missed by everyone particularly all the congregation at St. Anne’s Church in Tottington where the funeral will take place later today. A former Church Warden on two separate occasions I will be performing the same role today and if I can ever achieve a fraction of what the great Bill Johnson did I would be satisfied

House of Lords Reform Bill

Two days of debate on the House of Lords Reform Bill will inevitably lead to the Bill being passed at its Second Reading because the Opposition will vote with the Government. I will be in the No Lobby.

I do not think that the proposals will do anything to improve the quality of the legislation passed by Parliament which is, as far as I am concerned, the principal question we need to answer before starting major reforms to the House of Lords.  I have had very few of my constituents call for yet more elected politicians and whilst the present system is not perfect there would be plenty of problems with any system which is proposed to replace the Lords. I think most people will put reform of the House of Lords fairly low down their list of priorities.

Olympic Athletics Selection

With the London Olympics starting later this month only days away I see the Athletics team has been announced today. Full details of which can be found on the BBC here

I am somewhat disappointed that after all the millions of pounds of Lottery funding which has gone into preparing our potential Olympians apparently the target is only one gold in a total of eight medals. One Gold?

We achieved one gold four years ago and three golds in the previous Olympics. Surely on home ground we should be expecting more than one solitary gold medal. Perhaps they are adopting the political parties tactics of spinning to reduce expectations.