More Good News on Unemployment

The latest figures for the number of unemployed in Bury show another fall. Depending on what statistics you look at it is down 40 or 50% since the last General Election. What there can be no doubt about is that unemployment has fallen since 2010.

With inflation falling to zero point five per cent millions of workers are starting to feel better off. Of course Labour will continue to claim things are not getting better but increasingly people realise they are getting better and even if they have not benefitted personally yet they know they will soon.  If we go back to Labour we will put at risk all the hard work of the last five years. More spending. more borrowing and more debt is not the answer to the nations problems. It sounds great to claim all our problems can be solved by taxing a few big houses in London but there is no easy answer.

The country must live within its means and that means sticking with the Conservatives

It is all about the economy

As the long campaign ahead of the general election on 7th May gets underway there will be countless articles written about the pros and cons of each parties policies but the truth is that without a strong economy everything else falls by the wayside.

Since the coalition Government came to power nearly 5 years ago much has been done to improve the economic state of the country. For the first two or three years the opposition constantly complained that the Government were going too quickly. the claim that the Government was going ‘too far and too fast’ was repeated at every opportunity. Now strangely the opposition claim the Government have not gone far enough! If the Government had followed their advice we would not have made the progress we have.

We can debate which measure should be used to measure the progress made and whether the annual budget deficit has been cut by a third or by a half but what really matters is that the Conservative led Coalition Government have put the country back on the road to recovery. The choice before the Country on My 7th is whether to stay on the road to recovery with the safety and security that brings or turn back and risk chaos and confusion with the Labour Party who left the Country with such a huge budget deficit in the first place.