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Thank you to all those who voted for me in the general election yesterday. It is ironic that although I received more votes than in any of the previous three elections I have fought in Bury North it was not enough as Labour advanced by even more.

It has been a great honour and privilege to serve all the residents in Bury North in the last two Parliaments.

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  1. The people have spoken.

    Homophobia has no place in 2017 and you have paid the price for your outdated views, along with the rest of your shameful party.

    Your offensive views on practically everything are welcome neither in Bury or Sheffield.

    So long Nuttall.

    1. Sad that is your only apparent priority. It will not be a priority for 22 innocent people, once of Manchester. But then this is already yesterday’s news which is also shameful.

      1. Agreed – aint people weird? We’ll miss these blogs I suspect Mr Frith will be too busy sorting his expenses out – he can take advice from Mr Chaytor (tee hee). Had to look up what homophobia was – as the parent of a gay offspring it was never discussed at the last election. Wonder what the HHS is!!! Hope I don’t need it. BYE all may your God go with you – of what ever creed.

  2. For me it was the dementia tax and the privatization and lack of support for the HHS.. for the first time in my life I voted for Labour.

  3. A disappointing result, but the result of the saddest attempt of political suicide in history – after declaring that the election was about Brexit, Brexit was never mentioned throughout the campaign. Instead, Mrs May talked about fox-hunting and care cuts, and almost anything and everything she could think of to alienate the voters.

    it almost worked.

    1. I think Rees-Mogg will prove a good choice in any leader challenge.
      Unusual in the (must say ) honest way she blundered in being up front with these intentions of betraying the elderly and sick citizens. Usually the second hidden agenda only comes out into the open after a successful election. Damned that she did what she did and damned if she had waited although less honourable.

  4. Hi David,
    I was very sory to find out you are not my M.P. Me and my wife both voted for you.
    P.S. I caught that darn Rat.
    Good luck for the future!……..

  5. Dear Mr Nuttall. I have for somehow been following your blog for a number of years even though you are not my MP, and from what i have read you come across as a honourable person,
    but i feel Mrs May and the conservatives manifesto blow your chances of re-election and the conservatives chances of increasing their seats in parliament.
    And the tipping point for me was the the very ill advised manifesto that appeared to alienate your core voters.
    those hard working class people who had aspired to own their own homes and were now left with the great possibility and in many cases the only thing that they had worked hard for could now be used to pay for their health care in old age.
    The only thing and in many cases the only item they could leave to their families after they passed away to help their children to aspire to a better life, i really do think those people found that totally unfair, and that in my opinion for what it is worth! was the tipping point of how they would cast their vote,
    I think most sensible voters realized that some parties were offering everything to everyone.
    but that one item on health care in the conservative manifesto i feel lost you a lot of votes as a party.
    i wish you well for the future’
    Regards. John

  6. Thanks again. Ohh by the way – sorry about the comment that your pension is payable immediately. I WAS WRONG – my apologies. No caveats I got it wrong – I did, you didn’t. Sad to loose your intellect. See you around. After all they resurrected the Alistair Burt fellah!!

  7. Hi David,

    So sorry to hear about your result, I do know that if you couldn’t win it then nobody could have, give my regards to sue. Tony M.

  8. Hi David,
    While we have different views on Brexit and particularly tobacco control, I always found you to be responsive to my enquiries and consistent on your approach to the subjects you believed in. No one can say that they didn’t know where they stood with you. Can I take this opportunity to thank you for facilitating the meetings we had both in Parliament and at the conferences. I’d particularly like to thank you for listening to me during my time as a Cancer Research UK ambassador in Bury North. I appreciated your support on many of my asks but will always regret I was unable to sway you on the tobacco control issue. You at least listened to the case for tobacco control, even if your libertarian beliefs prevented you from backing the calls for action.
    I wish you well for the future and now you will have more time on your hands, we will hopefully get the chance for a chat at one of our local cricket grounds. Best Wishes. David Collins.

  9. Hi David
    I never voted for you, and disagreed with you on just about everything, but I respect you for keeping in touch with your constituents through your daily updates, and always taking the time to respond my comments.
    Good luck for the future
    Bernard Emblem
    Bury North Constituent and Chair of Bury Fairtrade

  10. I believe your colleague for Kettering has survived the result. It cannot all be bad. I have a great respect for his views.

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