EU referendum arguments No.3

A while since I did one of these posts but the big day is growing ever nearer so time for another.

Not content with having all the machinery of government at their disposal, not to mention the support of big business, merchant bankers and the like the Remain camp are planning to spend £9 million of taxpayers money to send an extra piece of propaganda to every single household in the Country. Looks pretty desperate to me.

This is in addition to the £7 million the Remain side will get as part of the official referendum process. The Leave campaign will not be getting any extra taxpayer funding.

The Leave campaign are already the underdogs in this campaign and I think this latest move will incense the vast majority of Britons who believe the campaign should be fought on a level playing field. One would have thought that if the arguments for staying in the EU were so clear and obvious there would be no need to dip into taxpayers pockets and extra £9 million on propaganda.

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6 thoughts on “EU referendum arguments No.3

  1. I’m following advice – I’m gonna post it back to No 10 with a short comment (not abusive). Wonder if Mr C has any good stock recommendations!

  2. If I were a conservative with a small “c” I would ditch Cameron NOW for the sake of the party ….but I am not so let him bungle some more

  3. I do not want a leaflet through my door, I am sure I am not the only one who feels this is a waste of taxpayers valuable money that could be used for REAL causes and not propaganda. Perhaps you could canvas your constituents?

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