Bury Business

David with Mike Flynn

I have taken the opportunity afforded by the start of the Whitsun recess this week to visit a couple more businesses in Bury. I have been to Flynn Construction and Wallwork Heat Treatment.

Flynn Construction only moved to Bury four years ago but they now employ over 100 people most of them local and it was great to meet the dynamic young entrepreneur Mike Flynn who runs the Company.

Wallwork have been based in Bury for many years and again they provide much need valuable local jobs in the private sector. It is vital for our economy in Bury that companies such as Flynn and Wallwork are encouraged and able to flourish. I was able to find out at first hand what the problems are facing these companies and the effect of Government policies on the sectors they operate in.

Breath Easy

As the final count was taking place last Friday in Bury I was attending a meeting of the Breath Easy Group at Walshaw. This is a support group for those with breathing difficulties and after a talk from me I answered questions on a variety of subjects mainly concerning the NHS.

Simple, fair and straightforward

On Thursday everyone will have the chance to decide whether to keep our current voting system for electing M.P.’s or change to the Alternative Vote (the AV) system.

I believe we should keep the existing system. It is simple. Every voter votes once. Each vote is counted once and the candidate with most votes wins.

It is fair. Everyone can understand how the current system works, few people fully understand how AV works. I do not think it is right that under AV some people get their vote counted twice whilst others only get their vote counted once.

It is straightforward. Under our current system where the candidate who gets most votes wins and unpopular governments can be thrown out by the voters.