Polls and Politicians

Some politicians will tell you they never read opinion polls. I’m not one of them. I do read the opinion polls but I treat them with caution. The reason for caution is well demonstrated by today’s poll reported in The Independent newspaper. Their pollster reports that Liberal Democrat support has increased by no less than 50% [ yes Five Zero 50 per cent ! ] since their last poll five weeks ago. According to their poll, LD support has surged form 14% to 21%. Unlikely, err well very unlikely I think. Apparently the change is partly down to methodology. As I say polls should be treated with caution!

Las Vegas comes to Manchester

Well that was a surprise! Everyone thought that the UK’s first super Casino would go to either the Dome in London or Blackpool. Instead we discovered today it is on it’s way to Manchester. I hope the project is properly managed and monitored. For those who plan a visit when it eventually opens “Good Luck” but when it comes to gambling I always remember what my grandmother told me ” You never see a poor bookie!”

Ramsbottom Cricket Club in Winter!

It is always a rather strange experience visiting a cricket ground in the middle of winter. On Sunday lunchtime Sue and I were at Ramsbottom Cricket Club with over 80 members and friends to welcome Sir Robert Atkins and his wife Dulcie. Sir Robert is one of the three Conservative MEP’s who represent the North West in the European Parliament. We had excellent hot pot and mushy peas and a huge selection of sweets to choose from. Sir Robert gave a very informative and entertaining speech and answered qyestions on a very wide range of topics.My thanks to the Bury North Conservative Ladies Committee for organising the event. As Patrons of Ramsbottom CC Sue and I both look forward to the summer when we can return to watch some cricket at Acre Bottom

St. Paul’s Ramsbottom

I attended the monthly coffee morning at St. Paul’s in Ramsbottom today and also took the opportunity to discuss Ramsbottom matters with one of our Ramsbottom Councillors and local residents. This afternoon I spent some time with my wife Susan and we were able to make a little progress with tidying the garden, clearing away all the deceased material ready for another years growth ( hopefully! ).

Roman Catholics and Gay Adoption

There are few subjects guaranteed to raise as many strongly held views on either side of the argument as gay adoption. The current debate about whether Roman Catholic adoption agencies should be exempt from proposed new laws on discriminating against gays and lesbians is a classic demonstration of the problems that arise when politics and religion conflict. My view is that just as there should be tolerance of the minority of people who are gay and lesbian there should be tolerance of those whose religious beliefs prevent them from placing children for adoption with same sex couples. Tolerance must be a two way practice.


Two consecutive evenings without meetings to attend is a very rare occurence and I have been able to go to my gym for the last couple of days for a workout and swim. I am fairly lucky in that I do not have any problems with excess weight and I have always been of slim build but I do like to keep fit and I always feel better after an hour or two in the gym.

No respect in Bury?

Sunday morning saw church even fuller than usual with lots of children as it was Sunday School prizegiving and St. Anne’s was pleased to welcome the Reverend Steven Harvey the Headmaster of Bury Grammar School ( Boys ) to award the prizes.
Yesterday, I noticed a distinct chill as I made my way over snow topped hills towards the office. I was not surprised to see that Bury had been overlooked by the Government as a recipient of extra help to try and improve anti-social behaviour – part of the Government’s ‘Respect Agenda’.
All the residents in Bury, Ramsbottom and Tottington who constantly have their lives made a misery by the lack of respect for others displayed by a minority of mainly young people may well be disappointed at this news. My response to them is that this initiative is as usual little more than a gimmick and I guess that the residents of Bolton and Manchester – both of which are beneficiaries under this latest plan – will see little improvement. What we need is is more police on the streets not more gimmicks.
Last night I attended a meeting of the Conservative Councillors Group at Bury Town Hall.