Spring Forum Cheltenham

cheltenham-spring-forum-25apr09-003Sue and I attended the Conservatives Spring Forum at Cheltenham on Saturday. We heard speeches from Andrew Lansley and Michael Gove on the NHS and Education. I attended a briefing for Candidates on this years European elections.

On a personal note sadly my stepmother Carole passed away on Sunday morning after a long battle with cancer.

Also on Sunday morning I attended the Annual meeting of Parishioners at St. Anne’s Church in Tottington at which I was elected to serve as one of the two Churchwardens.

St.George’s Day

David at the St Georges Day flag raising ceremony

David at the St Georges Day flag raising ceremony

I attended the official flag raising ceremony this morning as the flag bearing the Cross of St. George the Patron Saint of England was raised by the Mayor of Bury Councillor Peter Ashworth to fly proudly in front of the Town Hall. The Rector of Bury John Findon spoke eloquently about the history of our Patron Saint and said prayers. The Mayor then hoisted the flag into position.
I am delighted that the Conservative led Council has introduced this short ceremony to honour our Patron Saint and I hope the occasion will be repeated every year in the future.

The Day of Reckoning

Budget Day. The true scale of Labour’s utter mismanagement of the economy has been revealed. The chickens are coming home to roost.
Despite the smoke screen of higher taxes for those earning the highest incomes (another broken promise) the reality is that there will be higher taxes for everyone and even then vital public services will be squeezed. Whichever way the figures are looked at the position is dire. As one commentator has just said on television it will be decades before all the Governement borrowing is ever repaid.

Rotary -Stroke Awareness Day

The Mayor and Mayoress of Bury before their blood pressure tests

The Mayor and Mayoress of Bury before their blood pressure tests

David helping out with Stroke Awareness Day

David helping out with Stroke Awareness Day

Yesterday I helped with Bury Rotary Club’s Stroke Awareness Day at the Millgate centre in Bury town centre.
One of the principal causes of strokes is high blood pressure and yesterday anyone could have a free blood pressure check and we were giving out lots of helpful information both on how to try and avoid having a stroke and also whay to do if someone you are with suffers from a stroke.
We were visited by the Mayor and Mayoress of Bury who set a good example by both having their blood pressure tested. I had mine tested too and I am pleased to report it was satisfactory!

Stick to Policy

Sue and I are spending a few days away over Easter and much of this week. Often at holiday times political news is thin on the ground, this Easter the news has been dominated by the revelation that a Government advisor has been spending time thinking up what has been termed “smear stories” about senior figures in the Conservative Party. Not a good idea.

Over my years in politics whenever it has been suggested that we run a story about a politician from another Party I have as far as I can recall nearly always said no. Of course there may be circumstances where it is appropriate to attack a politician personally but generally I always find it is usually better to stick to policy.

I also believe that his drip drip drip of stories about politicians only serves to reinforce the negative view that so many members of the general public have of politicians.

Happy Easter

Sue and I have been out this morning walking with CeeCee. This afternoon we are attendin the special Good Friday service at St. Anne’s Church in Tottington.
CeeCee came back from his walk so muddy that we had to resort to spnging him down with several buckets of water. He is in his ‘den’ drying out at the moment.
I wish all readers a Happy Easter time.