BB8 – The Final

It seems a long long time since Big Brother 8 started and tonight will see the final. For what it is worth I hope the twins win ” rays of sunshine” in a poor summer.
I attended a meeting of Bury Council’s Conservative Group on Tuesday delayed by a day due to the Bank Holiday.
Today has seen the Memorial Service for Princess Diana. 10 years since her tragic death. Personally I find it completely unacceptable that the inquest into her death has still not been held and when it does eventually commence (which I understand will be later this year) it will no doubt dominate the news headlines. I only hope that once the Inquest is concluded all the constant speculation and rumour surrounding her death will end once and for all.


I have been very encouraged by David Cameron’s recent satement on our plans to fight crime. The whole issue of crime really does throw into sharp relief the difficulties that face this Government. Back in the early part of 1997 Tony Blair’s famous sound bite that New Labour would be “Tough on crime – Tough on the causes of crime” was widely quoted and requoted. How hollow it now sounds. Barely a week goes past without some new horrible crime each apprently more shocking than the last. Last week there a yound boy was shot simply playing football in a car park sadly it appears he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. What sort of Society has New Labour created?
It is not surprising when criminals hardly ever serve the sentence handed down by the Courts and now even the reduced sentences are shortened further because the prisons are full.

A good weekend to bury bad news?

Hi I am back from my few days away in Scarborough during which the long awaited report of the Independent Review Panel into the provision of Maternity Services in Bury has reported and upheld the original findings and Fairfield looks more likely than ever to lose its Maternity Department and Special Care Baby Unit. It is typical that the report is released on a Bank Holiday weekend. I am sure that the residents of Bury and Rossendale will now start to realise that for all Labour’s talk about improving our public services when you analyse the situation on the ground all too often the reality is very different from the rhetoric.

I am afraid the news really spoiled the last two days of my break which otherwise has been very enjoyable. The weather was very cold and windy on Wednesday but the last couple of days have been fine. For the record Yorkshire easily beat Warwickshire by an innings and 210 runs. Unfortunately this afternoon Bury have slipped to their first league defeat of the season losing 1-0 away at Wycombe.

Bury Draw

Yesterday I went down to Gigg Lane to watch Bury in their opening home league game of the season. They were playing Grimsby and despite being 1-0 down at half time they battled well in the second half to come back and draw 1-1. I also thought that there was at least one incident where Bury should have been awarded a penalty.

Today, after attending church this morning Sue’s parents have been over to visit and we attended a barbecue organised by St. Anne’s Mothers Union. The weather wasn’t exactly wall to wall sunshine but we have come to expect that this summer; at least it didn’t rain. The barbecue, buffet and puddings were absolutely excellent. It did say eat as much as you can on the ticket and there was certainly enough food for everybody to do just that!
I am going to spend the rest of the day catching up on the weekend papers.

The Redwood Report

Yesterday saw the official release of John Redwood’s report into how we can make Britain’s economy more competitive. I say official release because many parts of it had been well trailed in advance. Now that the full report is out we can see that just like the other Policy Reports released so far it contains many suggestions that the Conservative Party and indeed everyone interested in improving our Country can consider in the weeks and months ahead.

Because of others being on holiday I have been in work all week this week. Sue and I are away in Scarborugh again for a few days next week hopefully to watch some cricket. I

Pimhole Community Farm

Yesterday Sue and I spent most of the day catching up with some work in the garden. For once this summer the sun was shining ( well some of the time! ) and we even had our barbecue out. The afternoon was made even better as I was able to listen to the commentary on Bury winning their first game of the season away at MK Dons.
Today, after church this morning we called in at the Pets in Need Garden Party and we also went to Openshaw Park’s Family Fun Day. We met up with Councillor Peter Ashworth and after looking round all the stalls and entertainments we went to visit the Pimhole Community Farm. Stuart Andrews kindly gave us a tour round and explained his plans for the future.

Special Council Meeting

Last night I attended an Extraordinary Meeting of Bury Council during which the only item of business discussed was the new school which is to be built in Radcliffe. Although in Bury South the plans will affect the whole of Bury. Labour seemed to be determined to portray the Conservatives as being against the idea of building the school at all and no matter how many times the Conservative Spokesmen unequivocaly confirmed that they wanted to see the new school built Labour seemed unable to accept it. Interestingly, the Leader of the Labour Group admitted a couple of times that building should have started a year or two ago.