Good news this week for local road-users who will benefit from a dedicated £2.069m pothole fund which is part of a £1.2 billion fund for local roads the Government is allocating to councils to help repair roads and pavement.

This funding has come from the new National Productivity Investment Fund, announced in the 2016 Autumn Statement and the Pothole Action Fund.

I receive lots of complaints about the condition of our local roads and with all the demands on local government spending this latest dedicated funding for roads and pavements should help.

More cash for pothole repairs

Good news yesterday when the government announced the latest payment of the £250 million pounds fund spread over five years it has set aside to repair potholes. Bury is set to receive an additional £105,000 enough the government calculate to fill around 2,000 more potholes. This should be on top of the Council’s usual road maintenance budget so hopefully it will mean better roads for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.