People’s Health Trust

I guess almost everyone has heard of the National Lottery but I am not sure everyone will have heard of The Health Lottery. I understand there has been some controversy over the structure it uses to operate as an almost National Lottery without being designated as such. Anyway there are apparently 51 local society lotteries behind The Health Lottery brand which has apparently raised over £28 million for good causes. The local society lottery for Bury is HealthSustain. Each week a different society lottery benefits and all the money raised across the Country is available for good causes in the area covered by that local society.

I am not sure how many people take part in The Health Lottery but just in case any readers have and may have been wondering what happened to the proceeds I am informed by the People’s Health Trust that a grant of £43,357 was awarded by them to Sustrans in order to develop an ‘Active Travel for Health programme in Bury’. Apparently this funding will support the setting up of a schools-based Bike It project to encourage the creation of a pro-cycling culture and the use of the bicycle for school journeys. The programme is aimed at young people at risk of not participating in physical activity, raising awareness of the social, physical and mental health benefits of ‘active travel’ and promoting independence.

£33,131 was also awarded to Mencap to establish a Gateway Active Centre in Bury. This will enable people with learning disabilities to progress from the Bronze Gateway Award to the Silver Award during what is the second year of funding.

Local Television

One major reform which was established whilst Jeremy Hunt was at the Department of Culture Media and Sport was the plans to allow local television stations to broadcast throughout the UK. Dozens of new stations are going to spring up covering towns and cities in the months and years ahead.

Ofcom has been busy assessing all the bidders for the franchises and we now know that Manchester’s new tv channel will be run by the Your TV Group. The Chairman of Your TV is Sir Michael Lyons who commented:

“We are delighted that Ofcom has endorsed our proposal and approach to local television in this vibrant city. With many other local TV licences still to be decided upon soon, including several other YourTV applications, this is an exciting time for viewers and broadcasters alike and one which we are confident YourTV can play a great part in.”

More information about YourTV Manchester can be found at

Many will remember Channel M which was around for a short while but ran into difficulties. One big difference with the new platform is that the Channels are going to be featured on the first page of the EPG the Electronic Programme Guide so they will be up there alongside the established terrestrial channels.