Strange – Another CeeCee??

Last night when I retired to bed I put the radio on and as it was quite late Radio 4 was broadcasting programmes from the World Service. Half asleep I heard mention of CeeCee. I quickly regained alertness and started listening. I thought surely our very own little Dalmatian puppy called CeeCee is not so famous as to be featured on the BBC. I was right! It turned out they were referring to a cat they had cloned which was called Cc. I fell asleep. Today, intrigued by the existence of another CeeCee in the World ( I know there are probably thousands! ) I searched on the internet and discovered that Cc which I guessed might stand for Cloned Cat actually was short for Copy Cat and the story I discovered about it was from the BBC’s website from back in 2002. Copy Cat it turns out is in America so there is not much possibility of the two CC’s meeting.

Anyway, back to my activities. This week on Tuesday I attended a meeting of the Executive Committee of Bury Conservatives. As Parliamentary Candidate I am entitled to attend these meetings although I have no voting rights. Yesterday I attended a coffee morning to raise funds organised by the Bury North Ladies Committee. In the evening I attended a meeting of Bury Rotary Club when the present Mayor of Bury Councillor Peter Ashworth was inducted as an honorary member.

Today I thought I would watch some cricket and drove over to Headingley to watch Yorkshire play Surrey and although play started on time we only had about one hour of play before rain forced the players from the field and they didn’t come back so I had an early return to Bury.

Labour Divided

This time of year with Parliament in recess and many leading politicians on holiday is often referred to in politics as “the silly season”. Newspapers still have to fill up column inches every day so even the slightest hint of political gossip can often be seized upon and become a major news story. Fortunately for the newspapers this year it would appear that there is a genuine big news story for them to fill their pages with and I refer to the deep divisions in the Labour Party over the future of the Prime Minister. Some MP’s are openly calling for him to resign others are loyally pledging theri undying allegiance to him. I have no idea what the truth of the various rumours is but one thing is undeniably true at the moment and that is that the Labour Party are giving the impression of being completely divided.

Glasgow East ….. the morning after.

So Labour did lose in Glasgow East. I think the result reinforces the message of the local elections, the London Mayoral Election and the other recent by-elections in Crewe and Nantwich and Henley – Britain is ready and waiting for change.

The result also shows that when it comes to predicting the outcome of elections sometimes the polls, the bookies and the political pundits can all be wrong which is why I believe the Conservatives should not take anything for granted about the result of the next General Election.

Glasgow East by-election

As a Conservative Parliamentary Candidate barely a day goes by without someone somewhere asking me when the General Election is going to be. Over the years I must have been asked this question thousands of times. I often reply “I wish I knew because I could make some money betting on the date !”. As the Glasgow East by-election has approached ( and voting there takes place today ) the frequency which I have been asked this question has increased. I suspect people have been thinking that if Labour lose then somehow that would hasten the calling of a General Election. Whilst it is possible that such an outcome could be the result of a Labour defeat I rather doubt it personally. All the pollsters and pundits are suggesting Labour will hold on anyway in what is one of the safest Labour seats anywhere in the Country.

What I have been impressed by, is that even though this is a Constituency where traditionally there has been quite low levels of support for the Conservative Party we have really made a serious effort to run a full and vigorous campaign with many of the Party’s leading figures – including the Party Leader David Cameron MP – visiting Glasgow to help in the the campaign. I hope that when the result is announced the Conservative vote reflects the hard work the Party has put in.

Ramsbottom Civic Hall

Last night I attended the Annual General Meeting of Friends of Ramsbottom Civic Hall. The object of the group is to protect and safeguard the future of the Civic Hall in Ramsbottom. It was encouraging to hear that despite a delay having occured due to the discovery of asbestos in the semi-derelict first floor area whuch has not been used for many years the architect is now working on plans for the refurbishment and scaffolding will hopefully start appearing later this year. Bury Council has agreed to spend £200,000 on the Hall this year with a similar sum being made available next year. I should add that all the asbestos has now been removed. Ramsbottom Civic Hall provides a fantastic venue for local groups and it will be even better once it has been refurbished to meet current legislative requirements. New members are always welcome and it is great value costing only £2.00 a year. For more details visit their website here

Pets In Need

CeeCee and Susan 4 months old

CeeCee and Susan 4 months old

CeeCee digging - one of his favourite activities

CeeCee digging - one of his favourite activities

CeeCee 4 months old

CeeCee 4 months old

Yesterday (Sunday) I called in at the Pets in Need Summer Fair at Greenmount Old School. We took along our very own pet who as usual attracted lots of attention. I have been asked to post some more pictures of CeeCee so here you will see him on the day he was 4 months old. There is even a picture of him sitting still for once which is not something he does very often.

Local Area Partnership meeting

Last Tuesday I attended the Ramsbottom, North Manor and Tottington Local Area Partnership meeting at Summerseat Methodist Church. A number of important local problems were raised many of which are long standing difficulties. Speeding traffic in particular was discussed and whilst enforcement is one means of controlling speeding traffic it is far better if we all accept that everyone who uses the roads has a part to play.

I have been away in Leeds on Friday and Saturday watching England play the South Africans in the Second Cricket Test. Whilst we were fortunate considering the weather forecast to see as much play as we did South Africa had by far the better of the conditions and they made the most of it.