David attending BIG Open Day

David attending BIG Open Day

Earlier today I attended the B I G – Bury Involvement Group in Mental Health’s Open day at The Old Fire Station on The Rock, Bury.

People who have mental health problems need help and support just a such as those suffering from physical illnesses and disabilities and B I G provide just the sort of friendly and welcoming environment to make it as easy as possible for those who feel they need a bit of help and advice to obtain it from experienced professional and meet others who have similar conditions.

B I G hold regular sessions at the United Reform church in Parsons Lane Bury and at their new base in Wolstenholme House  4 Tenterden Street Bury.  Much more information can be found at the Group’s excellent website here http://buryinvolvementgroup.org/

Peoples Pledge Referendum Campaign

David attending the Cheadle Referendum campaign launch

David attending the Cheadle Referendum campaign launch

This week The People’s Pledge campaign launched the latest of their constituency wide campaigns to find out whether people want to have their say on our continuing membership of the European Union.  The first referendum was held in the Essex constituency of Thurrock which is an ultra- marginal Conservative constituency when 9 out of 10 voted in favour of having a referendum.

Now in the next phase of the campaign The People’s Pledge are arranging for a full postal referendum to be held in the three Manchester  area constituencies of Manchester Withington, Cheadle and Hazel Grove. This means that around 200,000 voters will be entitled to have their say on whether we should have a referendum on our continuing membership of the European Union. It will be a full postal ballot held under the auspices of the Electoral Reform Services to ensure the mechanics are independently handled.

As all three of these constituencies are currently held by the Liberal Democrats it will be interesting to see what the outcome will be. Anyone wishing to help with the campaign can contact The People’s Pledge by email at campaign@peoplespledge.org or by ringing 0161 428 9998

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Bury Business

David with Brent Miller at Miller's Vanguard - Bury

David with Brent Miller at Miller’s Vanguard – Bury

I recently held another of my meetings with representatives of Bury businesses.  As usual a variety of concerns were aired. Some are specific to certain sectors others are of a more general nature. One continuing complaint is the availability of finance. I attended a meeting with the Chief Executive of the British Bankers Association and representatives of all the major High Street banks. It is perhaps not surprising that the views of the Bankers are at odds with those who complain to me. One reason for this is that those who are happy with the performance of their bankers do not often bother to contact me whereas those who are unhappy are much more likely to do so.

Another frequent area of complaint is the continuing problems caused by the complexity of employment laws and the risks involved in taking new employees on. I was particularly interested therefore when just a few days after my meeting the Government released the Beecroft Report 

Viable long term and secure jobs cannot be created by employment laws but by making life difficult for employers can certainly make it less likely that a potential employer will take on more staff in marginal situations. This is particularly so for small businesses which is why I welcome the reliefs being proposed for micro businesses employing less than ten employees.

Later in the day I visited Miller’s Vanguard a successful employer in Bury and was able to hear at first hand the progress they have made in recent years and about their plans for the future.


Not so long ago when a Conservative Backbencher suggested Greece and more importantly the Greek people would be better off outside the Eurozone they were laughed at and derided as being the usual right-wing suspects – not in touch with reality.  Odd isn’t it now the reality of the failure of the single currency is beginning to loom into closer view how what was once an occasionally mentioned ‘rant’ from a right-wing Eurosceptic is now rapidly becoming the accepted norm. The fact is that without a massive change of heart from the richer nations within the Eurozone the orderly exit of Greece from the Eurozone is becoming more likely by the day.


Grexit+Greece + Exit  from the Eurozone

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Granada ITV visit

David behind the bar at The Rovers Return Coronation Street

As part of my course on broadcasting media being organised through the IPT I spent most of today visiting the ITV in Manchester home to many of our best loved television including of cours Coronation Street now in its 52nd year. I spent time discussing several different aspects of the Companies business including its commercial activities and how the business is developing in the face of the huge increase in the number of digital channels.

Queen’s Speech debate

After the pomp and ceremony of the State Opening of Parliament yesterday and the delivery of the Queen’ s Speech today sees the start of five full days of Parliamentary debate on the content of the speech. Each day will have a different theme but at the end of it nothing will have changed and it seems to me the debate simply gives MP’s on both sides of the House an opportunity to say what a good job the Government is doing or what a rotten job the Government is doing and how it would all be different under Labour. I think I can safely predict taht the votes at the end of the Queens Speech will be easily won by the Government and then the real work can start on implementing the programme. Personally I support most of the Bills although I do not see why we need to establish yet another Quango to regulate shops and I think the Bill to reform the House of Lords is an unnecessary distraction.

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For those who are interested I will now be reporting/commenting etc via the Twitter platform. I can be followed on Twitter at @davidnuttallmp

Whilst I have had my doubts as to the usefulness of Twitter I accept that many people use the medium to keep in touch with what is happening. No one is forced to follow anyone else and whilst there are always pitfalls in publishing anything I hope to be able to avoid some of the mistakes that others have fallen into. I will not be using any automation and all tweets will be published by me personally so if anything goes wrong I will have only myself to blame!

I have been considering whether to start “tweeting” for sometime and I thought it would make logical sense to start on the first day of the new Parliamentary session.