Your Choice Tomorrow

Tomorrow every vote counts to secure Britain’s future:
There is no such thing as a safe Labour or Lib Dem vote. Because if only 6 seats fall including Bury North there will be the chaos of a hung Parliament.Vote Local Labour or Local LibDem and the consequences are dire:

· The chaos of a Corbyn / SNP / Lib Dem Coalition.

· Jeremy Corbyn as PM who can’t lead on Brexit and opposes shooting-to-kill terrorists.

· Policies based on a magic money tree, higher taxes and debt.

· Diane Abbott in charge of national security and immigration.

Back Theresa May’s Conservative Team in the National Interest:

· Back her team and strengthen her hand to see Brexit through.

· Back Strong and Stable leadership for Britain.

· Back an economic plan for more jobs, lower taxes and better services.

· Back strong national security and controlled immigration.

Only by voting Conservative tomorrow can you ensure we see Brexit through and keep our nation secure and prosperous.

The Conservatives plan for tough action against terrorism includes:
· Stronger disruptive powers for the police and security services.

· Longer sentences for terrorism-related offences.

· Stopping the internet being a safe space for terrorists.

· More intervention to stop extremism in British communities.

Only yesterday it was revealed that Jeremy Corbyn addressed a rally including hundreds of members of the banned extremist group Al-Muhajiroun – showing exactly why he is unfit to lead the country.
The choice tomorrow is between Theresa May, who acts to protect our national interest and keep our country safe, and Jeremy Corbyn, who stands up for the very people who want to do us harm.
There is a very real risk that Jeremy Corbyn and his shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott will be in charge of our security and borders on Friday unless people vote for the Conservatives.

There is also a clear choice on Brexit:

· Just 11 days after polling day, Brexit negotiations will begin. Getting these negotiations right will be central to everything we do as a country. Get them right and we can be build a stronger, fairer, more prosperous country – get them wrong and we will pay the price for generations.
· Vote for Theresa May and the Conservatives and we can get on with Brexit, building a great, global trading nation once again bringing new jobs and new opportunities for ordinary working families here at home. And we can also control our borders, our money and our laws once again.
· Vote for any other party and you risk Jeremy Corbyn negotiating Brexit by the end of the week, with the SNP and minor parties pulling the strings. That would cause chaos and confusion for our country. Three quarters of Jeremy Corbyn’s own MPs don’t have confidence in him. There is no way he could negotiate the Brexit deal that Britain needs – he said only last week that he would be prepared to take any deal the EU offers rather than negotiating hard. Ordinary working families would pay the price for this with fewer jobs, higher taxes and more debt.
Remember the choice on national security:

· The dreadful events in London at the weekend underline that we need a strong Prime Minister who will do what is necessary to keep our country safe.
· Vote for Theresa May and the Conservatives and we will bring in stronger disruptive powers for the police and security services; longer sentences for terrorism related offences; stop the internet being a safe space for terrorists; and ensure more intervention to stop extremism in British communities.
· Vote for any other party and you risk Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott in charge of our national security by the end of the week. Jeremy Corbyn has made clear that he opposes allowing the police to shoot-to-kill terror suspects, he boasts that he has voted against all counter-terrorism legislation, and will not say whether he would back drone strikes on terrorists abroad.
Remember the choice on economic security

· Over the past 7 years together we have made hard-won economic gains as a country. Since Labour’s Great Recession we have helped businesses create 2.9 million more jobs, given the average taxpayer a £1,000 tax cut through rises in the personal allowance and we’ve increased the basic state pension by £1,250 – all while cutting the deficit by three quarters as a share of our economy.
· Vote for Theresa May and the Conservatives and we can get on with locking in the economic progress we have made – backing businesses to create more jobs. 

Published by David Nuttall

Business and Political Consultant

4 thoughts on “Your Choice Tomorrow

  1. Whoops !

    Strong and stable to take on the EU.
    Brilliant strategy from the Tories !!

  2. Mr Nuttall.

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my disgust at my local Labour constituent.

    I live in Bury and run a successful business in Bury aswell. I have a New baby and are looking forward to a prosperous future.

    Today was the straw that broke my back.

    Not only are we bombarded with and incredible amount of junk mail by Labour with complete disregard for costs or the environment, I had the pleasure of a visit to my shop by the entire Labour propaganda team,with what can only be described as a large portion of the Amazon rainforest. They screamed and shouted at the busy shoppers, acosting and distracting them from shopping.

    This behaviour shows a complete disregard for local business, local people and the environment.

    You however sent one, yes one, hand delivered letter signed by yourself.

    This is not only classy but a credit to your party.

    I WILL be voting for you.

    Many thanks


  3. I am sure you will win this election since Labour is considered the worst of two evils.
    The basic pension figures were interesting. £1250.0 looks a handsome figure but spread over 7 years breaks down to sometimes just over £2 / week and sometimes over £5 / weeks ( in 2014). Good thing I had other income to rely on. Still it was better than one year when Labour granted us 75p/ week. I promised your counterpart not to be too “extravagant”
    Good Luck tomorrow.

    1. Genuinely sorry you lost Mr Nuttall. Small comfort that I voted on principle and not with my head rather than heart.

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