Another Terrorist Attack

Less than two weeks after the bombing at the Manchester Arena another terrorist attack in London. More innocent lives lost as a result of evil individuals pursuing a perverted view of Islam. We must not allow these people to succeed. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. This latest attack was all too reminiscent of the attack outside Parliament in March, low tech and difficult for the security services to detect.


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4 thoughts on “Another Terrorist Attack

  1. I hate to say it, but instead of clamping down on Islamists May instead vowed to restrict all of our freedoms on the Internet. I honestly believe that had she taken a more aggressive approach to terrorism (especially given the links to terrorism of Corbyn) the election could have been won.

  2. Too many politicians are either in denial that there us a basic security problem in this country now or else being apologists and people are dying because of it. . I will not be voting for either Lib Lab or Con. By the time it dawns on you that a war is going on it will have cost even more lives. I have made my own tactical choice on who will make a more credible opposition and a choice that I can live with on June 9

  3. The problem with multi cultural Britain is it isn’t and all the old character of the country has been obliterated. It makes you weep. Mr Blair through his open the door policy let anything and everything in. While building his walls around his many palaces as high as possible. We need to get out of the E U experiment NOW and throw out all the economic migrants, then get on rapidly with sifting the asylum seekers. If your stuck how to do it – get an Australian/Canadian – New Zealand team across they have been doing immigration control for years.

  4. Can we start doing something about this now please…?

    Like rounding up the 3,000 suspects on the watch list for starters, and stopping telling us that it is nothing to do with Islam..?

    Or do we just have to continue as normal until the next one and the next one…? How many have to die before the government will do anything other than clamping down on the Internet freedoms of the rest of the population…?

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