Polling April 2017

Next month will mark the second anniversary of the Conservatives 2015 general election victory.  Another six months and the Parliament will have reached its half way point. I thought it might be useful to have a quick review as to where the parties are in the various national polls. Mid term is traditionally a difficult period for governments as it is during this period that difficult decisions are being taken and implemented and the polls normally improve for the governing party as the parliament moves toward its close.

As ever with polls I do not think too much store should be given to an individual poll or even 2 or 3. What matters more is the overall trend over several companies and polls. The current situation appears therefore to be the Conservatives in the low 40+% territory, Labour in the mid to late 20% area. The Liberal Democrats who are making a play for the pro EU voters have improved a little in recent months but still poll around the double digit mark. UKIP have fallen back from their previous highs and are now sometimes behind the LibDems.

Lots more detail can be found at UK Polling Report

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3 thoughts on “Polling April 2017

  1. Thank you. I found the poll you reference interesting.

    In particular I see that 33% of th eUK public thought it would be acceptable to pay a £3bn “exit fee” to the EU, 15% thought a £10bn fee would be acceptable, and 10% thought a £20bn “exit fee” would be acceptable.

    Is it in order to ask what your intentions are when you have to vote on this item ?

    What is the maximum amount you think we should pay on Brexit ?

    1. What is legally due (if indeed anything is) is the starting point. It is impossible without knowing all the myriad of factors to determine what the right figure will be.

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