Coffee Morning

One bonus of having the whole of Easter Recess before Easter is that I was able to attend the monthly Committee meeting at Tottington St. John’s Cricket Club last night. The first County Championship fixtures start tomorrow and not long before the first local fixtures get under way. A sure sign winter is over and summe ris on the way. Just need to see the first swallows now!

In between more newsletter deliveries, house jobs, emails …and more emails……..I am attending a RNLI charity coffee morning today.

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  1. Confidentiality related to specific cases I can fully appreciate. This blog above (Thursday 6th April) came 4 days after the Bury Times ONLINE (Mon 3rd) April featured the companies position – that wasn’t confidential. I know you are the party of working people, being in administration means that all the people sent home on that day are in limbo – no job – no pay – no benefits – no information. The administrator has 14 days to resolve their (the limbo peoples) position – now I’m in danger of doing what I think you should have done, the generality. I’m sorry if I offended.

  2. No. Pulse Packaging. Dunno what the gas comment is about? I was mildly annoyed by the fact that a coffee morning took precedence over the jobs of 200 plus local people. Mr N I accept had been in touch but for some reason ‘no comment’ in his blog. The allusion to him personally having this to come (grieving) is I know he has strong family feelings – family is all. Ohh and it’s NOT complicated. This 90 year old company has a great product, great workforce just can’t make money!

    1. Please be aware that I deal with hundreds of cases for constituents and I do so on the basis that I do so on a confidential basis. Constituents would not come to me if they found their problems featured on my website.

  3. Good for you. We as caring parents are having to go through the grieving process that happens (you will have this one coming Mr N) when a big local employer makes a total mess of it’s finances and it’s largest creditor calls in an administrator (worked out who yet, take a look in the Bury Times). Get out there PLEASE and see what is going on. Put that into your blog

    1. Hi, you may wish to know I was dealing with the case to which I think you are referring last week immediately I was contacted and long before it ever appeared in the Bury Times. I can assure you t is a very unusual and complicated case.

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