Easter Recess

The House of Commons has begun its Easter Recess, I specifically say the House of Commons because I think the Lords are sitting this week. So, instead of the weekly trip to London I will be catching up on the continuous stream of constituency cases, briefings,meetings and visits – not to mention catching up with a myriad of jobs at home.

Catch up news from last week  as soon as I returned from London I attended the AGM of Bury Conservatives. The usual annual meeting fare with elections of officers, reports and the concluding speech from yours truly.  I have no personal knowledge of how other parties operate but I guess all AGM’s are pretty similar. I think we should all be grateful that there are people who are willing to participate in the democratic process. Not in any way for personal gain but to campaign for what they believe in.

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  1. Excellent – nice to see you are not doing a Mr Osborne – that is edit the Bury Times or several other jobs. I suspect it’s because you are too busy (no I’m not being sarcastic, I mean it). Sooner Knutsford has some development and rehousing of people off the streets the better, give him something to think about other than himself.

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