Lords Brexit

I suspect the focus in Parliament next week will be on the House of Lords as the Bill to authorise the government to trigger Article 50 and start the two year notice period of our intention to leave the European Union starts its crucial Committee Stage. Given the government has nowhere near a majority of the votes in the House of Lords I think their is a high probability the Bill will be amended somehow. If it is it amended then it has to come back to the House of Commons so we can decide whether to accept the amendments or not.

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One thought on “Lords Brexit

  1. David, Hi, it appears that the establishment is trying anything and everything in their power to delay the triggering of article 50.

    Are you aware or is there any truth in the following deadline of triggering before April 1st 2017.

    “Blair’s Brexit Actions are ‘Premeditated’ and in ‘Unison’ with the ‘House of Lords’ to allow the Lisbon Treaty to Fully Kick in on 1 April 2017, becoming EU Law and which will then Stop Brexit Ever Happening”

    Here is the link for your perusal.

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