Estimates Day

Following on from yesterday’s Estimates Day One today is the second day, These are essentially the days on which the House of Commons approves the top line figures for government spending. Huge figures are passed in a matter of minutes.

Yesterday, I asked my Local Government question as I was scheduled to do.

The exchange with the Housing Minister is here:

What steps is he taking to protect the green belt in Bury. [908918]

The Minister for Housing and Planning (Gavin Barwell)

Our recent housing White Paper underlines the Government’s continuing commitment to the green belt. Local councils should remove land only in exceptional circumstances, and the White Paper clarifies what that means: when they can demonstrate that they have fully examined all other reasonable options for meeting housing need.

Mr Nuttall

When a plan proposes large-scale development on the green belt, as in the case of the Greater Manchester spatial framework, will my hon. Friend assure me that he will carefully assess how realistic the various projections and assumptions are for things such as population growth and household size?

Gavin Barwell

I assure my hon. Friend that the approach that is taken will be robustly tested by a planning inspector in public, and that he will be able to give evidence. My hon. Friend is right that before councils think about releasing green-belt land, they should consider brownfield land, surplus Government land, density and how their neighbours can help to meet housing need

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  1. Interesting. Yes, it’s good that you raise the issue and gain a response. The answer is couched in verbal terms that are based on years of culture (nee constitution). YET these ‘hon members’ cannot comprehend the affect of mass injections of immigrants into towns – we the peasants have to accept , even embrace this ‘change’. Can’t understand that – they ( Major/Blair/ Heseltine) will.

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