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The latest set of immigration figures were published this week. The estimate of the immigration and emigration figures for the year to last September. Overall, they are modestly good news as they show net migration falling slightly to 273000. This is down from 322,000.  Part of the fall in the net migration figure is accounted for by the fact that the emigration figure increased from 297,000 to 323,000. The immigration figures fell from 619,000 to 596,000.  Clearly there is still much to do to reduce the figures to below 100,000 and being able to control our borders with the European Union are a key part of that. Not the only part but a key part. Controlling the numbers of new arrivals is not being anti foreigner it is simply a matter of common sense. We are a small island and we have to be able to have the infrastructure to cope with an increasing population and that includes the impact on the number of new houses required.

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7 thoughts on “Latest Immigration Figures

  1. Given that immigration from outside the EU exceeds 100,000 per year by a considerable margin, I think the answer to ‘when will immigration fall below the promised 100,000?’ is NEVER. This government has failed absolutely to control its borders and exiting the EU will have no impact on that fact. Nor will Brexit stop EU immigration – it may slow it somewhat.

    1. Yes – interestingly David Nuttall refuses to let his constituents know what his judgement is on when immigration levels will fall below 100000.

      He says he often asks himself the question – but does not tell us his answer.
      I wonder why ?

  2. Mr Nuttall,
    Could you advise when the number will fall below 100000.
    An approximate estimate will suffice.
    Thank you.

  3. Common sense back on the agenda. About time too. Though We know which party brought that back into fashion do we not ?? Leaving the EU will finally allow you to demonstrate it.

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