Feb 2017 Polling

As regulars readers will know I always caution against putting too much store by any single poll. What matters is the long term trend. It is also important to ensure any comparisons are done so as to ensure apples are being compared to apples and not pears!

So, what do we know from the recent polls? Clearly it seems the Conservatives appear to be a few points ahead. The increase in their rating has come from UKIP who have slipped back since the referendum. Equally, Labour seem to have slipped back a little since the referendum and the Liberal Democrats have been the main beneficiaries. Of course, on reality the churn will be far more complex, some Conservative supporters will have switched to Liberal Democrat, some Liberal Democrats to Labour and so on but overall that seems to be the position.  As ever remember all polls are a snapshot of opinion not a prediction!

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One thought on “Feb 2017 Polling

  1. Creating a problem then making a virtue of resolving the
    problem i.e. withdrawing from membership of the failing EU is not a virtue nor is looking to gain political spin points over others from it. That is also before the problems of our NHS are addressed. Our people have poor memories however.

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