End of IHAT

I know from the many letters I have had that the government’s decision to end the enquiries of the costly Iraq Historical Allegations Team will be widely welcomed. Our Armed Forces deserve our support and whilst of course individual allegations of misconduct will and indeed always have been investigated it is good that what has been described as a ‘witch hunt’ is now to be concluded.

Yesterday I had a typically varied day. With Parliament have risen for a half term recess I was back in the constituency. In addition to the usual casework emails and the like I gave an interview to someone who is undertaking the daunting task of trying to interview all MP’s. Then I attended a funeral of a friend who passed away at the end of January. Then, I finished the day by speaking at a dinner at the Asia Lounge marking Kashmir Martyrs Day.

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One thought on “End of IHAT

  1. At least no more of our tax revenue will be wasted on a show “trial” that was never meant to go anywhere. Pity the money could not have gone towards the NHS

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