Channel 4

The first question yesterday at Questions to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport was about the future of Channel 4. Now I do not doubt that they broadcast some interesting programmes and programmes which some people enjoy watching but my concern is with their ownership. Channel 4 is a relic of a bygone era it is a nationalised company. It is owned by the government. The same government of course which also owns the BBC the biggest of all broadcasters with a guaranteed source of income, still enforceable by the criminal law. The question I posed was that if it was a private company which owned a broadcaster which was the size of the BBC and had the reach and dominance of the BBC and that private company wanted to takeover another broadcaster the size of Channel 4 what would the view of the Competitions and Markets Authority be? I think we all know it would not be allowed and yet the government is clinging on to ownership of both BBC and Channel 4.

2 thoughts on “Channel 4

  1. It’s only when you travel ‘abroad’ (to any English speaking country) that you appreciate the depth of intelligent discussion and sometime bias rubbish that our BBC offers. It’s then up to you as the viewer to exercise the ultimate critique – press the off button!

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