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I was pleased that the debate I applied for on the situation in Kashmir has been scheduled for a week today in the main Chamber. The motion being debated is:

That this House notes the escalation in violence and breaches of international human rights on the Indian side of the Line of Control in Kashmir; calls on the Government to raise the matter at the United Nations; and further calls on the Government to encourage Pakistan and India to commence peace negotiations to establish a long term solution on the future governance of Kashmir based on the right of the Kashmiri people to determine their own future in accordance with the provisions of UN Security Council resolutions.

Today there after questions to the Secretary of State for Transport there are two debates also on foreign affairs on Yemen and separately on the Great Lakes Region in Africa.

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2 thoughts on “Foreign affairs

  1. We will see what is said on Tuesday next then plus I can check on the “They work for you ” website

  2. Good Morning Mr Nuttall,
    I am fairly certain that this debate will be interesting on the day hoping that we are still a force for influencing more stability on the planet. My more immediate question is if whether Brexit is also on the agenda before March and if the same anticipation and zeal for a favourable result i.e. Implementation will be present. ?

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