NHS debate

The main debate today is a debate on the National Health Service. Even though there was a long statement session on Monday where the Secretary of State answered questions for well over an hour the Opposition have chosen the topic of our NHS as the subject for their Opposition Day debate.

Before that the day will begin with questions to the Secretary of State for International Development and then the first session of questions to the Prime Minister. I have a meeting of the Procedure Committee where we are starting to look at the major legislative work which will be required to unravel our legislation from that of the European Union.

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One thought on “NHS debate

  1. We (our little family) watch the debates. The frustration (three members work in the NHS) is that various governments make changes then disappear before the impact of their changes arise e.g lets close all the Local Authority Nursing homes – result more elderly end up at A & E, take in 300,000 (@ least) a year more souls to look after, who can’t find a G P who — yes go to A & E — lets make ‘booze’ more freely available, result binge drinkers who turn up at A & E, close small/cottage hospitals = more at the ones that remain, appoint more managers so less front line staff. etc., It is about time to stop and cross political party think what do we want. What we really need (NOT) is a National Health Spatial Framework gobble de crap committee to consider it.

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