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The Neighbourhood Planning Bill passed through all its final stages in the House of Commons yesterday and will now go to the House of Lords. We had a bumper crop of nine applications for new debates at the Backbench Business Committee. I also received good news that the application I had made for a debate on the situation in Kashmir has been provisionally tabled for Thursday 19th January if that day is allocated to for Backbench Business. I along with colleagues from Hazel Grove and Cheadle presented our petitions on behalf of those objecting to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF)

Today the Prime Minister returns to take Prime Minister’s Questions for the last time in 2016.  It is then the last Opposition Day of the year and they have scheduled debates on the Effect on equality of the Autumn Statement and also on Homelessness. I have applied to speak in a debate in Westminster Hall on the GMSF which is scheduled after I have attended the Procedure Committee.

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7 thoughts on “GMSF Debate

  1. Interesting that you are so interested in the Green Belt now when you were, be honest, distinctly lukewarm in (not really) responding to the threat of development at Gin Hall five years ago.

  2. Hi David, I must say that I am disappointed that Kashmir is at the front of your mind when our home town that you represent is about to become a car park and concrete jungle

    1. Where have I ever said it was on the front of my mind? It is is just one of very many issues I deal with. The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework has taken up far more of my time in recent weeks.

  3. Hmm. Not up to speed at all on the Kashmir issue that seems to be at the front of your mind. Yesterday it took our group of 4 fed up souls 2 hours 10 minutes to travel Bury to Liverpool. (witnessing 2 road rage attacks while at it) Which is comparable to the last 10 trips we have made. Funnily enough that was in the front of our minds. Never mind let’s build a few more thousand houses on a bit of green belt and increase the traffic flow. P.S What bright spark amalgamated all the hospitals and never improved the infrastructure – nah better to spend 88 Bn on HS2 and 40 Bn on foreign aid.

  4. Hi David,
    Please be the loud strong voice of Bury folk and oppose building on our greenbelt when there are so many other options available other than lining Peel Holdings pockets.
    Many thanks

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