Report of GMSF debate

The debate on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework took place as planned yesterday albeit 15 minutes later than scheduled because a vote had interrupted the previous debate so it was in footballing terms a delayed kick-off. When we did get underway my colleague from Hazel Grove started the debate making some powerful points about the assumptions which have been made in writing the GMSF. There were then three other speakers before I was called to speak before the Shadow Minister and Minister concluded the debate. Clearly there was much more that could be said but it was important to put the complaints about the procedure on the record.

The official transcript of the proceedings can be found here:

My wife attended a meeting of local residents in Bury last night who are very concerned about this process. She was impressed by the professionalism of their organisation and I hope they and the others who were not able to attend will be reassured that MP’s are fully aware of the concerns they have. However this process is being progressed by Councillors in Greater Manchester and it is they who have the power to ensure this plan reflects the wishes of local residents.



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  1. Blah blah blah. Judging by the fact that at 5.45pm you all packed up and went away without time for a vote – bit of a waste of time. Did all that waffle change anything?

      1. Fair enough. Must admit during my working life (45 years) attended a lot of talking shops (mostly unsurprisingly in the public sector). Private sector – nah significantly less; more “what are we gonna do about it” = action.

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