Neighbourhood Planning Bill

The Speaker granted a request for an emergency debate entitled ‘International action to protect civilians in Aleppo and Syria’ which has been scheduled as the first business today for two hours. This will be straight after questions to the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and before the main business of the day. The main business is the remaining stages of the Neighbourhood Planning Bill. The Bill is designed to speed up and simplify the neighbourhood planning process. the report stage today provides the opportunity for members to table all manner of varied amendments on different aspects of the planning process so it may be quite a varied debate depending on which amendments are selected for debate. At the very end of the day I and two other Conservative MP’s from across Greater Manchester are presenting petitions on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

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3 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Planning Bill

  1. Is that the Greater Manchester Framework you did not discuss when you recently met the Planning Minister ?

  2. Dear David
    People of Bury ate disgusted with the lack of publicity from Bury Council and what apoears to be back door negotiations to change our greenbelt to greenfields. We need an extention on the date to oppose. You are the voice of our town… please help us.

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