Opposition to Article 50

I was pleased to see both the England and Scotland football teams stuck to their principles last night and wore their armbands with poppies on. We will now see what FIFA do. Nothing if they have any sense. 

TheHouse of Commons has been on what some call half term and others a mini recess in that it only sat on Monday and Tuesday this week. It has given a chance to catch up with outstanding emails and paperwork. It has given the Lib Dems and others who refuse to accept the outcome of the referendum a chance to plan their opposition to any move to give Parliamentary approval to the giving of notice under Article 50 that we are going to leave the EU. Not surprisingly lots of people who voted to leave are now contacting me worried their vote was in vain. I am still of the view that the vast majority of MP’s will honour the referendum result and vote to give notice – I certainly will.

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4 thoughts on “Opposition to Article 50

  1. But nothing is for ever. I remember the first EU referendum. Lots of people whoo did not like that result have been working ever since to overturn. And they had their day in June.
    It is hypercritical now of Brexiteers to say to those who wanted to Reamin – get over it and accept the result
    They would not have done so had they lost. Garage has said as much

  2. I voted along with all our largish (all working, university educated) family for leaving. If the politicians decide that “they no better” and frustrate the result I cannot understand why to bother to vote at all. I respect that judges – judge the law!
    I wish people would stop talking about “the single market” It isn’t it’s a single regulatory zone – comply with it’s regulations (some just downright stupid) and anybody can sell into it, if they want. I’m fed up with being accused of being a racist because I prefer (prefer, it’s not a MUST) to hear my own language while I walk around. I respect equally in Spain to hear Spanish etc., There are 1.2 million souls employed in the NHS, it will NOT collapse if the 50,000 odd immigrants are restricted – never mind not sending anyone back from whence they came. I respect others views – we won get over yourselves.

  3. As one of your many constituents who voted to stay in the EU, I hope that the parliamentary vote delays things long enough for more of the people of Britain to see sense (remember the majority was only 52% and turnout 72% – that means only 37% elected to leave) and their MPs too.
    Before you all jump down my throat and call me a sore loser, please understand this: mine was a considered vote that our best interests lay within the EU. Nothing that has happened since the referendum has changed my mind – quite the opposite. Our economy has been damaged, as forecast. The divisions within the country have grown wider and more hate-filled. Trump has been elected, meaning we need friends close to home more than ever. If you think sticking to your ‘leave’ vote despite these gathering clouds is laudable, then at least respect me for sticking to mine.

  4. Shame that my MP is a remainer and even anti referendum. Still, that’s democracy at work I suppose. It goes BOTH WAYS.

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