Opposition to Article 50

I was pleased to see both the England and Scotland football teams stuck to their principles last night and wore their armbands with poppies on. We will now see what FIFA do. Nothing if they have any sense. 

TheHouse of Commons has been on what some call half term and others a mini recess in that it only sat on Monday and Tuesday this week. It has given a chance to catch up with outstanding emails and paperwork. It has given the Lib Dems and others who refuse to accept the outcome of the referendum a chance to plan their opposition to any move to give Parliamentary approval to the giving of notice under Article 50 that we are going to leave the EU. Not surprisingly lots of people who voted to leave are now contacting me worried their vote was in vain. I am still of the view that the vast majority of MP’s will honour the referendum result and vote to give notice – I certainly will.