September Sitting Starts

Parliament reassembles today after the summer recess. I will be travelling down to Westminster this morning. I have a question on the order paper in the first business which is Questions to the new Home Secretary Amber Rudd and her team of Ministers from the Home Office. Then as is often the case after a recess it is quite likely additional business could be considered before the House considers the main scheduled business which is first of two further days debate on this year’s finance bill.

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One thought on “September Sitting Starts

  1. Excellent – have a nice day (meant in sincerity). Heard a big nob City of London investment strategist this morning – Brilliant – Cancel the 3 H’s (Hinckley/Heathrow/HS2) – for various financial reasons – and (he was desperate to lend a few billion BUT get on with it) spend it on the 3 G’s – Gatwick, – now your in the nod you fill out the other two!!!

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