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I suppose Conservatives in other parts of the Country must think that Greater Manchester Conservatives are quite lucky when it comes to Conferences as we get to host the main party conference once every two years. Well, true but there is an argument for Greater Manchester Conservatives having their own Conference to discuss matters, particularly matters of interest specifically to Greater Manchester.

Thanks to the Greater Manchester Area Conservatives yesterday Conservatives we able to come together down in Sale to have their own Conference. The keynote speaker was the Rt. Hon. Sajid Javid M.P. The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government himself born in Rochdale.

Sajid was followed by another Sajid this time one of our two Conservative M.E.P’s for the North West Sajid Karim together with his colleague Jacquie Foster who spoke on the topic of Brexit and Beyond. I then took part in a question time style panel with the other four Greater Manchester Conservative M.P.’s where we fielded questions on a wide range of subjects such as planning, green belt, airport capacity, transport, the new elected mayor, devolution and health, education, mental health, the new constituency boundaries etc.

After lunch four of our most experienced Councillors including the Leader and Deputy Leader led a detailed session on what devolution means for us all. This was followed by a session focusing on specific groups such as Conservatives at Work and the Conservative Foundation.

I am told they had sold over two hundred tickets and the event was very well organised. I was surprised and indeed pleased we were joined by some supporters from outside including one gentleman from London who wanted to come and join in proceedings for the day. I hope everyone who attended found it worthwhile and informative.

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One thought on “Greater Manchester Conservatives Conference

  1. Dear David,
    Why is it just about south east Lancashire & north east Cheshire when it should be ALL of Lancashire & Cheshire.
    This of course includes Manchester, Liverpool & the South Lakes.
    Travel around the north west is nowhere near as good as it used to be unless you want to go to a city.
    If you have a shift job in, say, Darwen but live in Bury you have to drive. There is no public transport. It’s as though there is a wall around Greater Manc-Chester.
    We need to return Lancashire to its former glory.

    Les Nuttall

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