Exciting Times

MP’s return to Westminster today after the referendum recess and the political landscape has been changed completely. David Cameron is still in office but waiting to leave once the Party elects a new Leader. As for Labour I can hardly keep up with the resignations from the Shadow Cabinet. After the Shadow Foreign Secretary was sacked  and announced in the early hours of Sunday morning there was a steady stream of Shadow Cabinet resignations throughout the day.

My focus will continue to be on providing a good service as a local MP to my constituents. I know a few are upset at the result but that is democracy. I have done what I believe is right for Bury and for Britain.

The Prime Minister is expected to make a statement to the House today and there may well be other emergency business brought before us. The scheduled business starts with questions to the Secretary of State for Defence and the House could then be sitting very late in Committee as it considers the Finance Bill.

Like millions of other I will be hoping England can become the second home nation after Wales to progress to the Quarter Finals of the European Championships.

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6 thoughts on “Exciting Times

  1. I’m with you – get over it people. Strewth democracy is sometimes frustrating (remember you tried, with caveats, to get smoking back into pubs!) Move on, save the bile for the general election. Scrap HS2 and get on with fracking – we are going to need our own energy supplies, use the money from temporary gas availability to build long term barrages across tributaries to create electricity for generations. Let’s get back to manufacturing ‘stuff’ using a new industrial revolution – move on but — fast.

  2. I think exciting times might just do it – but not for millions of people who are going to suffer- you seem to be playing games –

    John Llewellyn, founder of Llewellyn consulting and a former chief economist of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, said the UK was heading into recession at a time when its economy was not fixed and the BoE appeared to be the only functioning authority.

    “We are more worried — for the UK, though importantly not for the world — than we were in 2008 or any other post-World War Two crisis,” he said. “The scale of all this will start to unfold in coming weeks.”

    PS – I suppose we can ignore Mr Llewellyn because he is an expert and we are fed up with those I recall.

  3. Can you please reassure me this is not serious and just market froth – I noticed Boris Johnson said the pound and the stock market had stabilised.

    ‘The UK has lost its AAA credit rating from S&P in the wake of the country’s decision to leave the EU.
    The agency blamed the Brexit vote, saying it has weakened the UK’s “predictability, stability and effectiveness” of policymaking in the UK.
    It also believes that growth will be ‘significantly lower’ between 2016 and 2019, averaging just 1.1% per year.

    They also warned that foreign firms are less likely to invest in the UK and the sterling could also lose its role as a global reserve currency.

    S&P says:

    “In our opinion, this outcome is a seminal event, and will lead to a less predictable, stable, and effective policy framework in the U.K. We have reassessed our view of the U.K.’s institutional assessment and now no longer consider it a strength in our assessment of the rating.”

  4. After doing it’s best to sabotage the Brexit campaign the BBC is now trying to reverse the result. Sarah Montague’s question this morning about how it could be reversed was the last straw. It’s time the BBC was purged of it’s left wing luvvies and became an independent/neutral broadcaster.

  5. Shame on you David Nuttall. You have lost my vote. You appear to be enjoying the chaos that our country now has to suffer. Be in no doubt; you have won nothing. You may get a new leader of your party; but the country will demand a general election. You will not be re-elected.

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