How it all began.

Lord Norton of Louth has published an interesting post on how we arrived at the position of having a referendum. He traces the history back to that day back in October 2011 when I released the referendum genie out of the bottle. I argued we should let the people have their say. By the way, lots of people say there was no demand for having a referendum. I would respond by saying three things:

  1. All the polling evidence at the time was that an overwhelming majority (70/80%)of people agreed they should be given a say on our membership of the EU .
  2. The actual turnout in the referendum was higher than any recent general election.
  3. The holding of an In/Out referendum was carrying out one of the clear commitments in the Conservative Party manifesto.

Lord Norton’s article can be read here:

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4 thoughts on “How it all began.

  1. The referendum result WILL be honoured or bloody civil war will be the likely result. Perhaps this is what the PTB want?

    I strongly suggest that dangerous fools like David Lammy be well and truly put in their place. In fact, he needs to face a disciplinary hearing (at the very least) regarding his comments and failure to recognise the result.

    Unlike the stitch-up in Ireland over the Lisbon Treaty, nobody should be under the illusion that we will accept another referendum here. There will be blood on the streets rather than leaflets.

    This is not a game and the resentment by many must be buried by way of a very quick exit. Thankfully, our dear friends on the Continet are asking us to leave ASAP. Bless them for helping us.

  2. Well done David. I applaud you.

    Whilst I’m heartened by some MPs statements that the peoples will must be honoured; I’m also worried that there’ll be some skullduggery to stop Brexit. What’s the feeling amongst MPs and how do we keep their toes in the fire?

    1. Hi, I will not know what others feel until Parliament resumes tomorrow. However, I agree that the will of the people must be listened to. We must ensure we leave the Euopean Union as soon as the situation allows.
      Best wishes,

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