Exciting Times

MP’s return to Westminster today after the referendum recess and the political landscape has been changed completely. David Cameron is still in office but waiting to leave once the Party elects a new Leader. As for Labour I can hardly keep up with the resignations from the Shadow Cabinet. After the Shadow Foreign Secretary was sacked  and announced in the early hours of Sunday morning there was a steady stream of Shadow Cabinet resignations throughout the day.

My focus will continue to be on providing a good service as a local MP to my constituents. I know a few are upset at the result but that is democracy. I have done what I believe is right for Bury and for Britain.

The Prime Minister is expected to make a statement to the House today and there may well be other emergency business brought before us. The scheduled business starts with questions to the Secretary of State for Defence and the House could then be sitting very late in Committee as it considers the Finance Bill.

Like millions of other I will be hoping England can become the second home nation after Wales to progress to the Quarter Finals of the European Championships.

Consider the Conservatives

In this video – CLICK HERE
Conservative Party Leader David Cameron MP explains why even voters who have never voted Conservative before should at least consider looking at what the Conservatives have to offer at the next General Election.

Over the weekend I have been out with one of our canvassing teams in Ramsbottom. Today in between all my other meetings and calls I spent a couple of hours with the political editor of The Economist magazine who had travelled up from London to find out about the Bury North constituency.

Boost for our troops promised

Following on from the Homecoming Parade we held in Bury this week I am delighted to read that David Cameron MP the Conservative Party Leader has announced that troops returning from a six month tour of duty will see their payments doubled.

David Cameron together with Shadow Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox MP has just visited Afghanistan to see at first hand the latest position in the conflict. I know from speaking to the soldiers who have just returned from Afghanistan that an increase in these payments from £2,400 to £4,800 will be very welcome.