After David Cameron

So after over 10 years as Leader of the Conservative Party and over 6 as Prime Minister David Cameron has accepted that with his failure to convince a majority of people to stay in the European Union the time is now right to hand over to someone else. He had after all clearly said he would not be Prime Minster going into the next general election. I

I have already been asked who I think will be the new Leader and the new Prime Minster. Firstly I think we should see what the full list of potential candidates looks like.Secondly, the bookies favourite is clearly Boris Johnson. Not so long ago the bookies favourite was George Osborne so things can and do change.

What is more important is that the Party gets on with delivering on the manifesto and with delivering on the wishes of the majority of the British people to leave the European Union.

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One thought on “After David Cameron

  1. Don’t be too confident. So far 1.5 million people have signed a petition to request a second vote on the EU referendum. The margin of less than 4% is far too small. I don’t want David Cameron to resign. I think he has been a good PM during some very difficult times. He has done a great job sorting the economy out. If Boris Johnson becomes the leader of the party, I will be unable to vote conservative.

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