2016 Euros

I guess millions will be glad that the European football championships have finally got underway and it will no doubt generate as much comment and analysis as the referendum on our membership of the European Union. A disappointing start by England to be pulled back to a draw so close to full time. The statistic that England have never won an opening game in the European championship will last at least until the next tournament! A great win for Wales means the clash on Thursday between the two Home nations may well decide England’s fate.

Even more disappointing than the injury time Russian goal was the trouble and violence that marred the build up to the game outside the stadium and the violence inside the stadium after the final whistle. I thought this type of totally unacceptable behaviour had been condemned to the history books. Sport like politics is something that engenders great passions but supporters on all sides must learn to respect the opposition, enjoy the game and accept the result – whatever the result might be.

Published by David Nuttall

Business and Political Consultant

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