EU referendum arguments no 6

As the campaign to take control of our own affairs enters the last two weeks I plan to join the Vote Leave campaign team again today.

It is 41 years since the last time we had our chance to vote on our membership of the EU. It really is too late to register to vote now but for anyone who has yet to make up their mind their is still plenty of time to consider the arguments.

Consider how we will be able to take control over making our own laws.

Consider how we will be able to decide how many immigrants we need and can afford to accommodate.

Consider how we will be able to make our own trade deals again. as the fifth largest economy in the World there will be plenty of countries happy to do business!


Published by David Nuttall

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One thought on “EU referendum arguments no 6

  1. I was beginning to think you had changed your mind and gone over to the remain side you have been so quiet. Do you never reply to your constituent’s comments?

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