Extending Voter Registration Time

The demand from people wanting to register to vote in the Referendum on our membership of the European Union was so high as the deadline approached at midnight on Tuesday 7th June the computer system could not cope. Would be registrants discovered they could not register. Now one might argue that it is a risk people run if they leave things to the last minute something might happen which prevents them from doing what they were planning. Having said that I want to see everyone who is entitled having the right to vote if they wish. It is interesting to note that many of the people who have been recent registrants were actually on the electoral register already. I also want to see proper checks made to ensure that all those who register online are legally entitled to vote.

As a result of the problem on Tuesday night which lasted about two hours the government has decided to extend the deadline by no less than two days until midnight tonight and in order to achieve that Parliament is being asked to pass emergency legislation today.

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