Immigration Act 2016

New powers which were contained in the Immigration Act 2016 come in to force today these will allow officers from the Border Force to board, divert and detain vessels in UK waters and they can arrest anyone they suspect has broken the immigration laws. One might ask why on earth our Border Force never had these powers before but I suppose it is a case of better late than never. These latest reforms are on top of a series of measures already introduced to make it very difficult for an illegal migrant to survive in the UK for example there is a new duty on landlords to check tenants have  a right to live here and it will not be possible for illegal immigrants to obtain a driving licence. In my view measures to enforce our Immigration Laws are necessary not only to help control the overall number of new immigrants as illegal immigrants are no doubt a small percentage of the total but it is only fair for all those people who abide by the rules, pay the fees, fill all the forms in and do things the right way that the Country strictly enforces the rules against those who seek to get round them

Published by David Nuttall

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2 thoughts on “Immigration Act 2016

  1. If you think for one minute that the change in the law will prevent illegal immigrants from getting a licence or renting a property then you are sadly deluded and your government has its head in the sand. Wake up and try living in the ‘real’ world and not the Westminster bubble.

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