Reflecting the nation

I am often asked whether the Conservatives will be able to ‘come together again’ after the referendum on whether we stay in or leave the European Union is over in a little over three weeks time. My view is that it should be perfectly possible, after all it should come as no surprise to anyone that there are different views about the European Union within the Conservative Party. The Conservatives are often accused of a being a Party which does not reflect the Country but I would argue the division of views within the Conservatives much more accurately reflects the division in opinion across the Country. It is the Labour Party which appears out of step with the reality in the Country.

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One thought on “Reflecting the nation

  1. I wonder whether the worse case scenario for you (and the party) is remain win. In which case a large 40% plus of the population will be unhappy to say the least. U.K.I.P could then do an SNP type takeover of this disenfranchised group. A test of this may be just around the corner when a judgement will be given on the Thanet general election result!!!! Interesting times ahead.

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