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I caught a few minutes of a ‘fly on the wall’ type documentary on Monday evening looking behind the scenes at Heathrow airport. It reminded me of the fact that despite the Airport Commission having reported about a year ago we are still no nearer having determined the issue as to where the increased airport capacity the Country needs in the South East well London really is actually going to go.

It was suggested the Commission was only established to push having to make a decision past the date of the general election . Then it was suggested the further investigations into mainly ecological issues was designed to push the decision past the London Mayoral election . Whether these suggestions are true are not I do not know but I do think it is now time for the good of the national economy the wheels were put in motion to build more capacity. Personally, I think on balance I would prefer the Heathrow option but frankly I will support any proposal which increases our capacity. There are of course massive negatives whichever plan is adopted for those who will be affected but that is always going to be the case with any large scale infrastructure project.

It will be years, probably decades before any new runway is actually opened for business so in the meantime I think it is vital that more use is made of our regional airports like Manchester which is something I have been advocating for some time and will continue to do so.

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  1. It would be a very practical start if the UK Border Force (ha — what border control) could send back the 2,500 E U nationals criminals that we have sitting in jails at our taxpaying expense. I know the law exists – ‘Make it Happen ‘ – pathetic, it makes you weep.

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