EU Referendum arguments No.1

Ahead of the crucial vote to decide our Country’s future membership of The European Union I am going to deal with various arguments which are put forward as to why we could not possibly leave the EU.

Let me start with the claim which is frequently made that if we leave the EU we would be denied access to the Single Market. The suggestion is that British companies would no longer be allowed to sell their goods to the other EU countries.

I do not agree because the car makers of Germany, the cheese and wine manufacturers of France and so on will want to continue to sell their goods to us. They will not allow the EU to put barriers up against the UK for fear we would put tariffs on their goods which we do not want to do. We want to extend free trade not reduce it.

Then we are told that there is no Country allowed which is allowed access to the Single Market which does not allow free movement of people ( ie: uncontrolled immigration from the EU ). In other words because we are members of the EU we are liable to pay more for goods from outside of the EU because the EU imposes tariffs. So if we were outside we would have cheaper goods.

If the European Union is the free trade area it is meant to be surely they would want to trade freely with the fifth largest economy in the World.

Published by David Nuttall

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9 thoughts on “EU Referendum arguments No.1

  1. The problem is we can’t trust politicians. We can’t get any form of constructive argument from either side.

  2. This graph is very interesting regarding trends in German / UK trade.

    PS 13% of German car exports come to the UK – I am not sure that this would be the trump card you seem to think it will be in any post Brexit negotiations. The outcome of those would need the unanimous approval of all the EU nations – a great opportunity for everyone to have their piece of the action. From what I read the outcome could only be to the disadvantage of our economy.

  3. Of course we will still want to buy Mercedes and other imported cars – but no-one surely is saying that trade will cease. To address that, as you do, is a Straw Man argument.
    Can you instead please guarantee that the terms on which we trade with other countries will be better, or at least as good as they are now.
    That is what we need if we are to have an economy that grows and brings as many jobs and as much wealth and affluence as it can.
    Please note my use of the word ‘guarantee’ – how will you do it ?

    1. The guarantee comes from the fact that EU motor manufacturers would not want the UK to impose any tariffs on the cars they want to sell to us!

      1. This is what Richard Branson thinks will happen when the post Brexit negotiations take place – and with all due respect I think his considered opinion, from a buccaneering business background, is more convincing than your somewhat flippant ‘it will be alright on the night’.
        Branson has said “I couldn’t see why the EU would be nice to us if we leave. Personally if I was in [the EU’s] shoes I’d want to punish people who desert the ship.”

      2. PS – why leave in order to spend years, and a lot of money we do not have, trying to negotiate a new deal which, at best, would be the one we already have but with no ability to influence or control it from within. We would still have to pay money to the EU and accept conditions we may not like.

  4. Hooray for common sense. I for one am fed up by the scaremongering of those in favour of staying in.

  5. A lot of people at the start of a new year join a gym to lose weight /get healthy. They then discover that ‘A’ they aint get healthier, ‘B’ they are paying a monthly sum BUT not going to the club any more – WE as a country are in a club that looses us 9 BILLION pounds a year. What’s to argue.

    P.S Get Jacob Reece of the Mogg to front meetings – he’s a true Brit with charisma

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