Flooding Update EU Solidarity Fund

Good news today that the Government have confirmed that having carried out the necessary assessment they are going to apply to something called the European Union Solidarity Fund which exists to help member states who have suffered from a natural disaster. Given that we pay in billions of pounds every year to the EU than we get out I am all in favour of getting as much of our money back as possible. Of course, the government acted immediately when the storms hit and the flooding occurred. They immediately activated the Bellwin scheme which after local councils have paid a small first part of the clear up costs the government pays the remainder. These funds have been used to provide the various help schemes which householders throughout Bury are now benefitting from. Having attended two public meetings about the flooding and spoken to many residents I am all too well aware that although nationally the news cycle has moved on for those whose homes were flooded still face weeks and possibly months of disruption.

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3 thoughts on “Flooding Update EU Solidarity Fund

  1. I am confused why the government is using the EU solidarity fund now, when in the past floods Cameron has refused this help on more than one occasion. I hope this is not so he can spout how useful the EU is in times of trouble when he is on his campaign for staying in.

  2. Glad you had something positive to say about the EU today (albeit grudgingly), David. For the record, most of the people I have spoken to on the subject want us to stay in the EU.

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