The William Street Lifeboat

Being the wife of an MP must be ne of the most challenging roles especially in the media age we live in today. My wife Susan frequently has to accompany me on official functions and visits. She has to listen hour after hour to my speeches most of which she has heard dozens of times before. She has to laugh at he same jokes and indeed I sometimes joke with audiences that Susan has accompanied me so that if I keel over Sue knows the material so well she could take over and finish my speech!

Anyway, now and again I try to put Susan’s plans and diary engagements first and today is one such day. Susan has been a member of the Bury Ladies Lifeboat Guild for some years and the Guild have been invited over to Fleetwood to see the Fleetwood Lifeboat The William Street as it is being retired after over a quarter of a century of service. The boat is if course named after the Bury businessman who established the W.O.Street Trust which so many local people continue to benefit from. So, today I am going to accompany her and members of the Guild as they pay a visit to the Fleetwood Lifeboat station.

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