Late Night

As I thought it might be, it was a late night last night with Big Ben chiming 2am when I left the Commons. My colleague Simon Hart from Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire then had the adjournment debate on the future funding of the Welsh language channel S4C and so the House did not rise until 2.29am.

Earlier there had been statements on the European Union Council , Counter Terrorism, the flooding and Saudi Arabia. it was not until 8.47pm that the debate commenced on the main business which was the Housing and Planning Bill

I was delighted the Prime Minister announced Ministers would be able to have a free vote in the referendum on our membership of the European Union. It has always seemed to me this was the only course of action if the conservatives are to come together after the referendum and I am now even more confident that we will easily be able to do that.

Today sees the first Prime Minister’s Questions of 2016 and then the main business is two debates chosen by the opposition ( who are still re-shuffling their shadow ministerial teams) on welfare and flooding.



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