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During the statement on flooding I was fortunate to be called to ask a question and I was able to thank al the works from the emergency services and the staff from Bury Council and Six Town housing , and all the volunteers, for the work they have done to help with the clear-up operation.

Elizabeth Truss who made the statement and answered the questions is the Secretary of State at the Department of  Environment Food and Rural Affairs.

This is the exchange taken from Hansard the official record of parliamentary proceedings:

Mr David Nuttall (Bury North) (Con): Residents and businesses in Ramsbottom, Summerseat and Redvales in my constituency were all hit by last week’s floods. On their behalf, may I thank all those— the emergency services, staff from Bury Council and Six Town Housing and particularly the small army of volunteers from the local community—who have helped, and indeed continue to help, with the clean-up operation. Understandably, my constituents are worried that they could be hit by flooding again, so can my right hon. Friend reassure them that, when the review of flooding risk is completed, whatever is necessary to protect them in future is actually done?

Elizabeth Truss: I thank my hon. Friend for his question. The resilience review will look at a number of issues: first, the flood defence formula and how the allocation is made; and, secondly, how we respond and predict these extreme weather events. The reality is that we will do all we can to minimise flood risk but we cannot eliminate it altogether and that is why we need to build resilience, too.

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3 thoughts on “Flooding Question

  1. I caught your interjection. By coincidence on BBC Ch131 the three unwise monkeys where on from the Environment Agency. All nodding away that everything that could be done was – Sir James Donowt (Chairman) operating from Barbados did appreciate that he should have come back. Sir Richard Branson has a similair life pattern, I’ve met him. Difference is he’d have been on his private jet back an hour after he’d heard about it. Heard you ask how could the money set asid in some weird fund be spent – heard no answer. Back/Up here in Bury we have an ancient gulley that has never been cleared in 30 years, can see the River Roch at Heap Bridge, The Irwell – I’ll E Mail you in September 2016 to remind you they did nowt.

  2. David

    Did you get my post about the way trees in the hills have been removed with public subsidies under the European Union’s “common” agricultural policy? Trees are a very efficient way of holding water in the land before more slowly releasing it downstream. Look at how Pickering have done it!

    All the best.

    John Ardern

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